About Calla Candy

Vicki Rothstein has been stirring small batches of delicious toffee since 1991. A childhood memory of her mother bringing home a candy that was unforgettable was the impetus for what would become Calla English Toffee. The result is a toffee that’s even better than the candy Vicki remembers from her childhood. In her confectioner's kitchen located in Mobridge, South Dakota, Vicki prepares every box and gift basket with patience, skill, and elegance.

I can remember my mother bringing home a candy that, to a young candy connoisseur, was unforgettable. My English Toffee has surpassed my childhood memory. So create a memory, start a tradition, indulge yourself. Calla Toffee reflects all the patience, skill and care that goes into its creation. You're going to enjoy this box of candy. I promise.

-Vicki Rothstein


Calla English Toffee is the taste of South Dakota. We are a company large enough to be professional and small enough to personalize your every order. All orders will be treated promptly.

The calla in Calla English Toffee comes from the calla lily, loved by Vicki for it's unique beauty. The boxes were designed by Lynne Opitz, a South Dakota artist.